I'm working on a new 3D game in Java which I'm calling "EarthShaper". I'm intrigued by sandbox style games with open-ended and emergent gameplay, and wanted to have a go at my own. Its in a very early stage of development at the moment, there's a demo applet on this page and a Development Blog with regular updates. Here's a screen capture of a recent version:

The features of the gameplay I'm expecting to include:

At some point I aim to release a standalone alpha version of the game which will include world seed selection, view distance selection, map persistence; a basic range of spells/recipes/resources, inventory, spellbook and crafting recipes; trees, caves, unique resources per terrain type; creatures of some sort, the list goes on...

For the moment if you have comments or suggestions please send me an e-mail.


The programming and graphics for this project are all my own work in my spare time. The font is based on one which appeared in ZX Spectrum games by Mike Singleton - Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge.

I've found the following sites very useful so far in developing the game: